The main purpose of the “Investiga I+D+I program” (Research + Development + innovation) is to encourage students to acquire a broader ingight into science by learning, discovering and exploring within an international environment. The program also tries to develop their analytical skills and promote technology, innovation and scientific research through a volunteer essay about topical and emerging issues of social interest. English will be the language of instruction during the international phase.


Who is this Congress aimed at?

The Program is aimed at 15-17 years old students from Europe and America.



  • To raise interest in scientific research, technology and innovation.
  • To enhance teamwork and the possibility of sharing experiences with experts in the different fields.
  • To encourage the use of new technologies applied to education such as blogs, forums…, and online learning and teaching.
  • To romote international exchange of knowledge and cooperation between European and American High School students.


Work schedule

  • Registrations on February 2018


More Information and Registration

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