Over 1200 young students 16 years of age at schools throughout Spain have approached the world of research thanks to the INVESTIGA R&D&I Program. The program enables students to approach the research world deepening in today’s scientific/technical topics in a pleasant way, using the techniques of peer learning and teamwork advised by expert scientists in each area. At the same time, it allows them to collaborate at important research centers in Spain and to get to know leading innovative companies and research laboratories.

It fosters in students the interest for research, innovation, science and technology, as a way to increase motivation towards their future studies, as well as equipping them with a greater number of tools which help them to make decisions regarding the baccalaureate options and those of the subsequent university studies that they wish to choose.

Aimed at students of 4th Year ESO from every school in Spain in the first phase, and with the participation of other European schools in the international phase at the close of each edition.

The INVESTIGA R&D&I Program won the 2014 Award for Best Initiative Educating in Values and Teamwork, a prize for the constant educational work developed through the program. At the same time, it has the collaboration of the main public research institutions in Spain.